Sunday, September 18, 2016

Turquoise and Navy Blue Beaded Handmade Gold-Filled Dangle Earrings

Exotic turquoise and navy blue beaded gold earrings bring to mind the mystery and beauty of ancient Persian jewelry. Intricate beaded earring links from Zola Elements were used as the focal. These wonderfully embellished links are gold-plated inverted teardrops. The outer edge and center are embellished with small turquoise resin beads. The center inverted teardrop is embellished with navy blue resin beads. Attached to the bottom of the beaded link, I hand-wrapped turquoise blue enameled gold beads with small gold-plated corrugated beads. These dangling links will add a delightful swinging movement to the earrings. I created a second wrapped link using another of the turquoise enameled beads which is attached to the top of the Zola teardrop. 


For the ear wire I selected 14k gold-filled ear wires which I embellished with more of the small gold-plated corrugated metal beads. These ear wires are produced in the United States by TierraCast. TierraCast is renowned for the quality of their jewelry findings and for their guarantee that their components are 100% lead free. Gold-filled products are a mechanical compositions of thin karat gold layers and base metal cores. The use of heat and pressure bonds the gold karat layer to the base. Gold-filled wire products are manufactured to federal standards, marked and sold accordingly. Ear wires can be made with 14/20 gold-filled wire, which is an abbreviation for their gold content by weight. 14/20 gold-filled wire is composed of a base metal (bronze) wire core and mechanically clad with a tube of 14k gold that is 1/20th (by weight) of the total weight.

The overall length of these earrings is approximately 2 3/4 inches or 6.98 centimeters in length from the tops of the gold-filled ear wires to the bottom of the lowest turquoise enameled bead. As an added bonus, I will include a pair of complimentary rubber earring guards to protect your earrings from loss. The earrings will also come packaged in an organza pouch. Perfect for storage or gift giving. When cleaning, use peroxide for the ear wires but do not immerse the beaded links as it may cause discoloration. You can gently polish with a jewelers cloth.

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